Product - The sprayer is garden, field, shtangovy

The sprayer is garden, field, shtangovy

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The mounted garden sprayer, attached to the three-point hinge of the tractor and driven from the power take-off shaft (PTO), is used for multi-purpose plant protection.

The sprayer pump is driven by the tractor's PTO and delivers pressurized fluid to the nozzles installed on the machine's fan. A powered propeller under pressure creates a stream of air on the field. The direction of the air stream can be adjusted using the wings. With this sprayer you can effectively spray all kinds of fruit trees, vineyards and acreage planted in two rows.

The capacity of the sprayer is made of polyethylene fiberglass material.

On the sprayer mounted guide wings for air release under pressure.

Using the pressure regulator, you can change the direction of spraying left or right and adjust the pressure.


The sprayer is garden, field, shtangovy

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