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Foton TE-354 Tractor

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The Foton TE-354 tractor has a rather stylish and modern hull. It has excellent technical and operational characteristics. The 4-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine used on this tractor has an in-line arrangement of cylinders. The power plant develops a rated output power of 35 horsepower, or 25.7 kW, which is enough to carry out a huge list of various jobs. It is worth noting that in terms of power, the Foton TE-354 Tractor is one of the leaders in its class, which, with the small cost of the new model, has provided great popularity in many countries around the world. The engine used also differs in the level of intrinsic noise, which among the analogs is rather low, which has a positive effect on the comfort of work.
Versatility The Foton TE-354 Tractor is driven by the possibility of attaching attachments and trailers. All units are mounted on a three-point hitch mounted by a European manufacturer. There is also a pair of hydraulic outlets, which is necessary when working with hydroficated equipment.


Foton TE-354 Tractor

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