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Rotary trailed mower

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Berkut mower is perfect for high-yielding fields - it mows with high speed, stomps and puts in a roll of grass of any humidity and yield.

The rotary mower hook-on mower KRP-302 Berkut is designed to work on high-yielding fields - over 150 kg / ha - and is used in all zones of flat land use. It is aggregated with tractors of 1.4 t.s.

Berkut mows at high speed (9-18 km / h) even laid grass, at the same time stomps the mass and puts it in a roll. It can also be used without a conditioner - for laying herbs in a swath. A selection of agribusiness professionals confirms the obvious advantages of a Berkut mower:

chevron conditioner ensures fast and uniform drying of the cut, and this means the preservation of all the nutritional properties of the feed;
clean cut at high speeds provides a high rotational speed of rotors - 3180 rpm;
thanks to the spring-and-lever trimming mechanism, the mower stably and accurately replicates the topography of the soil;
the mower is reliably protected from overloads - they are prevented by the drive shaft with a built-in overrunning clutch;
transfer of the mower from the working position to the transport one is carried out from the tractor cabin, which significantly increases the speed of work


Rotary trailed mower

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