Product - Complex for harvesting feed K-G-6

Complex for harvesting feed K-G-6

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Complex K-G-6 is designed for mowing corn in the phase of wax and full ripeness of grain, other high-stem crops, mowing green and picking from rolls of dried, seeded and natural herbs with grinding and loading into vehicles.

On harvesting silage, haylage, grass harvesting, the K-G-6 complex corresponds to the level of the best analogues of self-propelled combines of the same class, in terms of productivity, quality of harvested fodder.

The complex K-G-6 includes:

Universal power means UES-2-280A "PALESS 2U280A" or UES-2-250A "PALESS 2U250A" with two driving axles or UES-280 "PALESSE U280" with one driving axle;

The K-G-6 complexes are completed with pick-ups of 2.2 and 3.0 m wide, which provide for the selection of rolls without loss of oblique mass.

Herb Reaper The system of copying the relief of the field and setting the cutting height ensures an equally smooth cut. The overrunning clutch of the reel drive pulley prevents damage to the reel during reverse rotation of the pulley.


Complex for harvesting feed K-G-6

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