Product - Double Row Corn Harvester

Double Row Corn Harvester

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Corn header is used to process corn for silage. The Big Drum 1250 corn header has 4 feed drums. Thanks to these drums, the stems and cobs are ground at a right angle. You can chop plants such as corn, sorghum, sunflower, cotton stalks. Number of rows 2 (70 cm between rows)

The corn header has a chopper and a feed drum. Reaper width 1.25m. Due to this, the equipment can grind two rows of corn at a time. One of the most important features of the machine is - folding frame. The frame can be folded so that the machine is behind the tractor. Moving back, the car leaves a passage in the middle of the field, which leads to a reduction in the number of revolutions and fuel consumption.


Double Row Corn Harvester

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