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Trailed Forage Harvester

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Trailed forage harvester KSD - 2.0 Sterh has a truly broad technical capabilities. Mowing and laying in the swath, mowing and forming a roll, grinding and loading into a vehicle, regrinding grass mass are easily accomplished tasks.

Natural and seeded grasses, sugar beet and potato tops, crushed sunflower stubble, silage crops become the highest quality fodder, falling under the knives of the trailer combine Sterh. The design of the combine allows you to work at a higher speed, loading the vehicle into shredded mass or stacking the mowed mass in a swath.

Optimum kinematics and reliable gearbox ensure combine productivity up to 38 t / h. The special design of the support wheels allows you to adjust the width of the track and allows you to work at different row spacing. The rotary picker is responsible for the coarse grinding of the mass, the apparatus with the cutting pair conducts regrinding.

The special-alloy knives self-sharpen, while the double-blade knives of the chopper have a double resource - after the wear of one side, the knife can be simply turned over. The harvester is easy to transport and complete due to the folding knife. The hydraulic drive of the silo duct allows you to control the process of unloading the mass directly from the tractor cab.


Trailed Forage Harvester

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