Product - Single row corn harvester

Single row corn harvester

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Corn harvester - the perfect solution for small farms. The machine connects to the tractor using a 3pt. Hook; the weight of the car falls on the tires.
Transition bridge consists of a transmission and propeller shaft. The stern mechanism consists of two pull-in drums. The cutting knives which are in a drum provide accurate crushing. In case of overload, there is a safety mechanism in the header.
The system works thanks to the installed transmission. The chopping mechanism consists of 12 knives in order to chop the stems with a minimum length of 5 mm.
During operation, the height of the equipment is adjusted for optimal performance under adverse environmental conditions, as well as land and rock ingress.
The shredding knife works easily with an integrated device that maintains their sharpness.
The chute and deflector rotate due to the hydraulic cylinder. The pressure for the hydraulic cylinder is provided by the pump.
The height of the machine can be reduced by folding the bottom of the gutter.


Single row corn harvester

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