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Vertical power harrow

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VERTICAL POWER HARROW Moving from PTO Strong with hard construction useful a seed row bearing preparing equipment.

Is easy to use and because of could be produced in various working width dimensions (between 1000mm and 6000mm), can give answer to all farmer needs.

The vertical power harrow could be produced as fixed and foldable.

Is able to processing the soil vertical until 28cm depth that about is not make a ground plate and is not turn the soil upside down and is cure the dust.

Through the gear roller at the backside (For seeds germination) is preparing a ideal seed bearing and increase a productivity of products.

Also, with the optional hydraulic attachment all type seed drill (PNEUMATIC and CEREALS) by combination with VERTICAL POWER HARROW and in same time make a soil working and sowing to save time and fuel.


Vertical power harrow

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