Product - Palesse KSK-600 Combine

Palesse KSK-600 Combine

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Self-propelled forage harvester KSK-600 "PALESSE FS60" with an engine capacity of 235 hp - This is an economical and affordable model for widespread use. “Nothing superfluous” - the creators of the machine proceeded from this principle, decisively cutting off all the “bells and whistles” that could increase the price of the combine, but not its performance. quality of cleaning, operator comfort, ease of operation and maintenance.

The control panel receives full information about the state of the systems and components of the combine. Control devices warn of the onset of critical conditions, helping to prevent breakdowns.
HEADER FOR HERBS. The system of copying the relief of the field and setting the cutting height guarantee an equally smooth cut. Overrunning clutch of the reel drive pulley prevents damage to the reel during reverse rotation of the auger


Palesse KSK-600 Combine

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