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Foton TB-504 Tractor

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Modern tractor Foton TB 504 aggregate a variety of mounted, semi-mounted and trailed equipment.
The tractor is designed to work at any time of the year. The engine starts easily at low temperatures. The tractor has a modern design. The tractor cab is characterized by an improved visibility and a comfortable workplace for the operator. The cabin has an installed audio system with a tuner and a USB input. Easy access to the engine during maintenance provides an easy one-piece plastic lifting hood.
The tractor is equipped with a modern automated hydraulic system, which provides power, positional and combined control of attached agricultural equipment. Rear hitch - three-point, 2nd category - is designed to install the entire existing loop mounted and semi-mounted agricultural implements. The active equipment is driven from the rear two-speed power take-off shaft.
To work with external hydraulic units, the tractor's hydraulic system is equipped with a two-section hydraulic distributor installed behind the cab in the rear part of the tractor and equipped with convenient cable control, as well as two pairs of rear hydraulic leads with quick-release couplings.
Ballast weights are installed in the front of the tractor, which are used to increase the traction qualities of the front axle and to improve the tractor's controllability during tillage.
The front axle is of the beam type, has unloaded axles due to the use of two-stage wheel gearboxes.


Foton TB-504 Tractor

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