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Single shovel excavator

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Designed for excavation and loading and unloading operations on soils of I-III category. The MTZ-82.2 or MTZ-920 “Belarus” with a front axle beam type is used as the base tractor, which allows increasing the lift capacity of the loader up to 1 ton. The basic package includes a comfortable cabin of increased volume with a panoramic glass, a 2-speed pantograph wiper, a windscreen washer and 4 work lights. Excavator and loading equipment is made of special alloyed structural steels. Due to the introduction of advanced technology of semi-automatic welding in argon and carbon dioxide, the design of components and parts can withstand increased mechanical and temperature loads. In the hinge connections, durable bushings are installed, made of reinforced bronze and metal-based laminated plastics made by the Swedish company SKF. The design of the working equipment of the excavator and loader is made at the level of the best foreign analogues.


Single shovel excavator

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