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Grain cleaning separator


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Grain cleaning machines, also known as winders, have been used for a long time. They are used to separate the grain from the chaff, as well as to calibrate the seeds, that is, to divide by weight and size.

Grains in the separator fall into a powerful air stream. The air instantly blows away light impurities, chaff, straw, dust, husk and bad seeds, and high-quality grain continues to fall and is calibrated. Heavy impurities like stones fall straight down, and the grains are blown away further and fall into different chambers depending on weight and structure.

Thus, the grain is calibrated and divided into:

food raw materials, etc.

The use of air for the treatment of grains can significantly speed up the cleaning process and make it more qualitative. The germination of seed obtained with the use of aerodynamic grain cleaning machines, reaches 98%. There are models of separators with a capacity from 5 to 50 tons per hour.


Grain cleaning separator

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